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Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet your new Personal Travel Assistant

TripIt-Pro helps you tame the chaos and complexity of travel.

Pic left is a summary of the "Pro version" (click on the image to expand the view).

It has all the awesomeness of TripIt for organizing your travel plans, plus a suite of features that keep you in the know, on the go. All for less than the cost of a sandwich lunch at the airport each month.
Here's what happened and why you should know.

lets see ... Co ordinate events with others, set Business with social, sync the events, the people, the places, who has changed what... and keep it all in a folder ...

A folder for Lloyalty cards, flight bookings,  accommodation, calendar of dates, business cards!!
Now a need a reminder to take that folder so I don't dejected form the VIP que or locked out of my hotel room when I arrive at some ungodly hour.

A few months ago a friend suggested this FREE software! He said "TRUST me" (I don't, but I'm glad I looked.. it's a WINNER). 

I downloaded the FREE version, gave only a few minutes setting up my profile (I didn't do it properly Doh!) and I was "up and away" (remember the movie "up and away" with George Clooney .. what a beauty).

I immediately hammered it! expecting the software to buckle and thus justify my decision to be impatient setting up the profile!   I emailed it's server my flight and accommodation bookings (without modifying any content) and within a minute or less back came confirmation that my itinerary was updated! 

How did it do that ? I don't know! I don't care! it works.
I have access to the data from my desktop or my mobile device 24/7 - no more paperwork!
Hmmm I was impressed.

I revisited the profile, added key contacts (family and travel colleagues) and they now auto receive notice of my travel including changes. Now, at my leisure,  I check one (1) URL to see which of travel buddies are going where and when.  If needed I change my schedule to catch them at a destination and presto everyone in my inner cycle knows of the changes.

The latest updates: Somehow it knows if their is a better deal on your flights and sends you sans email?  How does that work?  who cares!

I still don't understand how their server (in milli seconds) extracts data from an email and updates my schedule? who cares! it works!

Anything that good deserves attention
I receive reminders of my itinerary events; flights and meetings including notification of any delays. My loyalty m/ship club points are auto updated and my "inner cycle" know my schedule.

Hmm I'm was impressed

I re-accessed my profile settings, added my "linked in" and "Facebook" accounts and now those networks also know of my travel itinerary.

The Pro version includes FREE rental car membership and various other add ons. I've not yet discovered all options, as I get time I'll share the news on my website page about "Travel for Aus and Thai" (see link below) and "Longdo" (thai for "please try).

1. My tripit page - includes video intro and how to sign up
2. My tripit forum page for feedback

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