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Friday, October 15, 2010

Golf info anywhere Thailand is now FREE

After great debate and enthusiastic discovery we have the solution.

With great support of Thailand's popular Map service "Longdo" we have commissioned the "Golfers" map Thailand. All golf courses Thailand on a live interactive map (see link below)

pic golf map (click to expand)

Visit the map page, see all the golf courses on a map, zoom get directions or links to their websites, leave comments about the courses

We sent in our super snoops to sniff out everything Golf in Thailand/Bangkok: Golf doctor, Simulator, Shopping Centre, Tours and Games, Course Maps, Course Ratings, Course Summary, Iphone Apps and we present it on 1 page, but more we show the best connections for inbound Thailand.
We introduce the best inbound partners to ensure maximum return for your handicap.


Being a member of Skal International Bangkok provides distinction and acknowledgement from Tourism Thailand. We acknowledge Thailands's premiere golf facilitator Mark Seigel is a member of Skal International Bangkok. The connection is credibility and due diligence for stability and service.

Golfing Thailand
The world already knows Thailand is amazing and it's true of their golfing destinations, just consider:-

The term, "Tropical paradise" is almost mythical. Yet everything you imagine, Warm, Blue-Green waters, remote Islands, lush landscapes, friendly people, affordable prices, remain a reality in the Kingdom of Thailand.....

A golf ball.Image via WikipediaA single game for 1 person or everything for everyone."Golf in a Kingdom", presents more than 260 courses...

Experience and Service
There are not many golf destinations in the world where, on arrival your golf clubs are carried from your car and re appear on your pull cart or Buggy with a Thai girl smiling and giving you the courtesy “wai” (hello).

There is something special about their optimism and the feeling of royalty having someone give you yardages to the pin, telling you where the trouble lies, and advising which way the putts will turn.

You never get thirsty when golfing or tired of waiting for the beverage. During your round there are refreshments stands ever 3 holes full of snacks and beverages to keep you going.

After the game is finished the culture of Royalty continues. Thai club houses “a castle” it’s what every lottery winner deserves yet anyone can afford, the facilities, from saunas and spas to foot and body massages. Thailand golf club house dining is inexpensive and cater for all kinds of appetites.

The Weather
The weather is conducive to good golf all year with the temperatures around 25-30 degrees centigrade you can see why Thailand golf courses are full of golfers all year round in Thailand.

The Value
While golf in Australia can be inexpensive you can play at any number of Thailand PGA venues (all top 20 golf courses in Thailand) with a caddy and cart for less than A$100 (and this includes a charming caddie and cart). To top it all off you will have service more akin to a 5 star hotel than any golf course in Australia. Now that is what I call great value!

Everything Golf in Thailand/Bangkok: Golf doctor, Simulator, Shopping Centre, Tours and Games, Course Maps, Course Ratings, Course Summary, Iphone Apps read more at Aussie Exec Golf tours Bangkok   

Golf Courses Thailand Interactive Map

Golfing Thailand - enjoy the online viewing. To see everything golf Thailand see the website under the link below.

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