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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Medical Tourism Thailand - it's special

Medical Tourism in Thailand

The three major hubs are Singapore, India and Thailand.  In 2006, Singapore claimed 374,000 medical tourists while India brought in over six hundred thousand BUT Thailand is so the SUCCESS STORY.

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Thailand is a world leader in the medical tourism industry and the country’s private hospitals and clinics are able to perform all kinds of surgeries from heart procedures to hip and joint replacements. Bangkok has several hospitals that are used to receiving foreign patients, and the number of hospitals means that it’s easy to get a second opinion and find a doctor you’re comfortable with
Reporter: Peter

Thailand is the undisputed heavyweight of the industry, drawing over 1.2 million medical tourists.  Thailand’s two largest medical tourism targets are the Bumrungrad and Bangkok Hospitals, which annually treat 400,000 and 150,000 foreign patients, respectively. 

Thailand Cosmetic surgery
The prices for elective surgery can be a fraction of what they would be in the west, with the quality level being consistently high. While common procedures such as face lifts, tummy tucks and breast augmentation are widely available, Thailand is also a world specialist in sex reassignment surgery. Procedures of this nature include almost everything .. I’d tell you more but then you’ll know what I did last summer !.

Thailand Dental tourism
Thailand is known for its masterful dentists. Many Westerners make up to three trips over the period of a year to receive extended dental surgery, and still come out saving significant amounts of money. The dental equipment used in Thailand is on par with some of the best in the world, and the dentists are very well trained. Procedures available include crowns, dentures, laser teeth whitening and bridges.

Thailand Alternative medicine
The Thais have long been practicing alternative medicine and many practitioners using herbal medicines and holistic approaches are available. This sector is beginning to attract foreign attention, particularly the country’s wellness retreats, yoga workshops and chiropractic treatments.

Thailand Health spas
The spa industry is big business in Thailand. Thais and foreigners alike take advantage of the many spas in the cities, where saunas, steam baths and every kind of massage are available for much less than the going rate in the west. Spas here are well suited to catering to international tourists and cost-saving packages are available at every establishment.

Bangkok Medical Tourism
Bangkok is Asia’s leading medical tourism destinations, earning an international reputation for excellence. Their Western-trained doctors and hospitals offer amenities and service to rival those in Western countries.

All of Bangkok’s private hospitals feature English speaking doctors and nurses who are accustomed to dealing with medical tourists. Equipment is state-of-the-art, as are the procedures and care that they offer.

Bumrungrad is one of Bangkok’s leading hospitals . Other hospitals in Bangkok offering excellent facilities and procedures for a fraction of the price include Bangkok International Hospital, BNH Hospital.

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