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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tourism Thailand shares a vision with the Skal Titans

Skal International Bangkok members were honored by special guest Governor for Tourism Authority of Thailand, Khun Suraphon Svetasreni with his brief on TATs planning and goals.

Picture: Collage photos of the event

September 14 luncheon was a SELL OUT.  If I was not so anxious to see TAT’s vision and hear 1st hand from the Governor I would have seriously considered the scalpers offer for my ticket.

I’m glad I resisted the Scalpers offer! The presentation was impressive, but none more than the Governor by his Hospitable character; at the close of the event his team had to wait another hour or so while Khun Suraphon gave  an individual goodbye to all that sort his audience.  I know because I was waiting to catch a photo and my impatience was overcome by respect as I observed his "Jai yen" fellowship, a genuine wiliness to chat with people. I did get the photo, several in fact, and more conversation with this gentleman than I bargained for. He has my vote as an Icon of Thai Hospitality.

About the Governor Tourism of Thailand
As veteran of the travel and tourism industry, Mr. Suraphon Svetasreni joined the organisation in 1977 contributing to the success of the kingdom’s notable global destination marketing campaigns, strategic and tactical marketing campaigns.

Picture: Suraphon Svetasreni

His appointment to Governor  earlier this year was a natural progression having conquered many  charters in his illustrious career, in undertaking all of these roles. Mr. Svetasreni has always endeavored to meet the needs and expectations of the Thailand tourism industry with dedication, Professionalism, and finesse.

Over 20 years of experience in marketing communications, advertising, and public relations, both in Thailand and overseas, have proved a tremendous asset in Mr. Svetasreni’s role in spearheading Thailand’s tourism achievements.

Thailand - SukhothaiImage by vtveen via Flickr Thailand is now recovering from a turbulent year and Mr Svetasreni has good reasons to be optimist. Once again, Thailand is bouncing back from a gloomy time, and quicker than expected. Mr. Svetasreni indicated international arrivals to Thailand had a positive growth from January to July totaling 8.7 million travelers. All markets are recovering strongly except but a few.

MC Tom Aikins of SEO Southeast Asia

Skal PR Director Tom Aikins welcomed the special guest, the esteemed Governor and in inviting him to the stage Tom acknowledged some of the Governors considerable achievements.

Picture: Sansern Ngaorungsi (deputy Gov for International marketing TAT) with Mr. Tom Aikins PR Director Skal Int Bangkok

Skal International Bangkok membership is a Professional organisation of tourism leaders promoting global tourism and friendship.  It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry.  Its members, the industry's managers and executives, meet at local, National, Regional and International levels to discuss and pursue topics of common interest. Skal International today has approximately 22,000 members in 480 Clubs throughout 89 nations.

Khun Suraphon welcomed the opportunity to synergise with Skal Int., Bangkok members acknowledging their achievements and positive contributions to Thailand's Tourism locally and internationally.

Gratitude of Thanks to Skal from Prime Minister Thailand

For TAT Governor, the rapid recovery is due to the many strong assets of Thailand’s tourism: “The sense of service and welcome of our people, the charm of our Thai culture and Thai way of life bring a strong feeling to many visitors. This emotional connection of travelers to Thailand is an asset that will be used in marketing campaign. The quest for sustainable tourism has brought increasingly urgent and persistent calls for tourism operators to assume far greater responsibility in ensuring the highest possible degree of environmental protection. In the face of intensifying competition, this is seen to be the new and vital competitive edge in Thailand’s international marketing efforts.

The new marketing campaign is all in balancing trends to speed up tourism’s recovery. Mr. Svetasreni has developed with his team a marketing strategy including three key dimensions to tourism: the economy, the environment and the society.

Statue of a mythical Kinnon at Wat Phra Kaew, ...Image via WikipediaThe well-known emblematic “Amazing Thailand” will be retained for 2011 marketing campaigns and will be underlined with a new slogan “Always Amazes You”. The slogan will reinforce then the emotional value of the country’s brand but also highlights all the assets offered by Thailand to its visitors, from its numerous attractions, sense of welcome to amazing good value offers.

However, Mr Svetasreni will also give more emphasis to promote the country to domestic travelers. “We can then reduce the dependence to international markets which are easier affected by events such as recession or natural disasters.
Positioning Thailand as a premium luxury destination for honeymooners or medical treatment will help move from the period of heavily discounts which are present today.

Initiatives such as Community-Based tourism or Green tourism have been launched with new awareness campaigns to come over the next months.

Building up an environment-friendly tourism product is a challenge. For decades, business practices and political decisions have been closely linked to corruption, most of the time to the detriment of environment protection.

The Governor rolled out a powerful and dynamic PPS, their vision included some of the obvious but with refinement and focus, this included “Digital Technology”, Niche Markets, Eco Tourism and special interests.
Skal Members with Governor TAT

Mr Svetasreni perceives some positive changes. “ A new way of thinking is emerging and it is very different of what we used to see in the past", he says. “I see more and more investors or public administrations looking at the environmental impact or at the green issue, often under the pressure from local people, foreign visitors and also the media, prompt to point out issues. It is a good and necessary evolution”.

The present time marks the the launch of TAT premium adds, focusing on the key elements of TAT's vision which is the entree to renew the appetite for Travel and adventure seekers back to Amazing Thailand.

Host venue - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok

An international reputation for it's legendary service, style, grace and splendid facilities. Whilst capturing the character of her era (built in 1876) the hotel boasts state of the art technology and Communications systems.

Picture: Mandarin Oriental Hotel 

The premium location, on the Chao Phaya River offers cascading views, courtesy ferry transport and tranquil outlook. The Mandarin oriental, Bangkok is repeatedly acknowledged with "best votes" in influential magazines, with 393 luxuriously appointed rooms, suites  and an array of restaurants.  Acknowledgement to the Hotel Manager Jan Goessing (Skal member) and his team for a platinum performance in fine dinning and seamless service.

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