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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why I Love Thailand

by a Lucky Farang...

Well, apart from Beautiful Beaches, Tantalising Tastes, Warm Weather, Superb Shopping, Dynamic Discos, Sensational Smiles, Breathtaking Beauties , Kinship, kindness….

........ I love Thailand because.......

All Thai Golf courses have a kiosk every three (3) holes (a Beer) and other stuff.

The Caddies always smile and almost all "show" great faith in my golf swing, my singing and my humour!

I admire the authentic culture of Thai family and kinship and Thai Society "Thii Tum Thii Soorng" (explained in the link below)

I prefer hot weather and the thought of enjoying a beer, even when it's raining.
I don’t have to wear a helmet to ride a bike!
I can teach a child respect and be respected
The majority of Thai genuinely volunteer to

· Care!

· Smile more often than not!

· Frequently demonstrate acts of politeness

· Avoid aggression and/or intimidation

· Respect their Elders, Employers and most other people and things

· Encourage and support a philosophy (a way of life) that encourages the above

When I go to Thailand I change back to a Person...(refer video link below)
It doesn't last for long so I gotta go again, if I'm not able to go then I watch the brief video to remind me about a good thing!

I don't think I'm selfish because I share that good thing with others!

It's become addictive.. (to enjoy Thai Smiles!)
 "Smiling is the sensation of laughing all over but showing it in one place!"

It's not so much an opinion, more my experience from being a traveller... but.... "what do I know", "all I know is that I know nothing"

I love the Buddhism culture of "Middle Ground"

Thai put GREAT emphasis on the middle ground and the right of all people to live their life as they think best.

A Thai friend (khun Fa'Sai) said: "I care in my thought and respect the right of others". It kinda relates to "Mai Ben Rai" (explained in the link below)

Hedonism is a school of philosophy which argues that pleasure has an ultimate importance and is the most important pursuit of humanity... WOW!  (see more below at the link below)

"Thii Tum Thii Soorng" and "mai ben rai", at this website use the search box (top right)

The difference between a Tourist and a Traveller  click here (and page down to see special words about the outlook of Buddhism

Hedonism - I always thought that word meant something bad!  but it seems to be aanother good thing?  read more

Rules for Being Human - never leave home without them - read more

Brief video - Thailand can change you back to a Person - read more 

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