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Monday, June 28, 2010

Business people now enjoy Best Apps for Iphone

The IPhone has undoubtedly become the indisputable platform for the futronics of hand help communication.

For those lucky enough to have been part of this hi-tech culture you gambled well, your ahead of the pack. For others it's just "too much" struggle with transition to another generation or steadfast about "the way it was".

When you step out of the frame "time out" and be objective (view the latest Iphones video) you can't deny the wizardry and proactive insight. Don't give it up, don't turn your back, it's time to get on board.

The new Iphone 4 is going to change the culture all over again! For those stepping up the plate and consuming - "good luck". There is merit in being up with the times but there are some obvious risks about being a Pioneer!

I prefer to be in the second wave, after the inevitable bugs are ironed out. By bugs I don't suggest any faults with the Iphone rather the collaboration of existing 3rd party software. We use a fantastic scanner app and already on 3GS version 4.00 there are bugs so logic suggests there will be others.

Good news
Our network of business friends have pooled intel on what are "Best apps" based on practical use, and with the help the latest P.A. recruits (Thai Students) we've tabled the data for friends and clients to share.

The table of "Best apps" includes Business, Travel, Networking and more.
The table brief and factual based on practical use. The link click here
Thanks sponsors for sourcing clients, covering the cost to collate and publish the data.

1. Central Insurance Brokers -

2. Auswathai

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