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Friday, June 11, 2010

Bangkok - Popular places series 1

For many, Bangkok, Thailand is the ultimate travel destination.

A heady blend of modernity and tradition, Bangkok has something to offer everyone. Modern Bangkok is a large, bustling city of some 6 million people. The capital of Thailand, it is the administrative centre and the heart of the country. It is a city where skyscrapers and modern buildings jostle for space against the Bangkok skyline. It is also very much a city of entertainment and fun. Above all, Bangkok is a city of extremes.

Despite its modern trappings, Bangkok is firmly embedded in tradition. All aspects of Thai culture are revered here, rituals are carried out on a daily basis. Like elsewhere in the country, Monks accept their daily alms and people of all ages pray and make merit at one of countless temples. In Bangkok you can at one moment be in the 21st century, the next walking through antiquity.

Lets take a peak at some Popular places .....

MUANG BORAN (Ancient city)

Want to start out with a crash course in Thai culture? Make Muang Boran your first stop. This open air museum spans over 350 acres and is laid out to resemble the country of Thailand itself. Whether you opt to join a group or embark on a self-guided tour, the expansive grounds are a living history experience in which you'll find reproductions of temples, houses, castles, and early cities as well as crafts people and performers doing demonstrations of folk art, performing dances and songs, and introducing visitors to a typical day in the lives of their Thai ancestors

WAT PHRA KAEW (The grand palace).

This is one of the most photographed spots in the city…and with good reason. The palace was built over the course of 3 years at the end of the 18th century by King Rama I and is the official residence of the current monarchy. This is also where you will see the temple of Wat Pra Kaeo housing the 15th century Emerald Buddha whose robes are rotated three times a year by no less than the Thailand's king himself. The king, in fact, is the only person who is allowed to touch the statue. When you visit this—and other places of worship throughout Bangkok—be sensitive and respectful of those who have come to pray. That means no photography, no laughing, no loud talking, and no interrupting services that are in progress. Both the palace and the temple are open year round to the public from 8:30 to 4:30, closing for lunch between the hours of 12 and 1.


When we think of traditional statues of Buddha, the image that generally comes to mind is one in which he has assumed the lotus position. At Wat Pho, however, you can one in an uncharacteristic pose: lying down. The Reclining Buddha is covered in gold leaf and faces his viewers, propped up on one elbow with the back of his head resting on his hand and a blissful expression on his countenance. He measures a little over150 feet long. And don't forget to check out his soles, which are meticulously inlaid with mother of pearl representing the indisputable signs of a true spiritual leader. Wat Pho is the largest and oldest temples in the city of Bangkok. It also has the distinction of being the country's first university as well as the most popular place in the world to learn the art and techniques of Thai massage. For all the walking around you're going to be doing on this trip, you may want to consider an hour of relaxing indulgence at the hands of an expert.


Life on the rivers of Thailand has changed very little with the passage of centuries. Entire communities conduct trade by boat, subsist on fish and snakes caught in the coffee-colored canals, and participate in tourism by offering their boats for hire at the docks near the River City shopping complex and at the pier by the Grand Palace. The Klongs, as they are called, are a glimpse at life in the slow lane of Bangkok. Multiple generations live on the sampans and use the waters for their bathing, swimming, laundry and, yes, sewage. In contrast to the extreme poverty, however, is the proliferation of bright color found in the flowers that the boat people use to decorate their habitats and their boats.


In March of 1967, an American architect and CIA operative named Jim Thompson disappeared without a trace in the Cameroon region of Malaysia. His teak house, however, very much puts forth the suggestion that he has only stepped out for lunch and will be returning at any moment. Thompson's claim to fame was his passion to reinvigorate the Thai silk industry and encourage merchants to beat a path to Bangkok's door for hand-woven goods. The house itself is noteworthy in that it is actually a combination of six smaller dwellings that were transported from outside Bangkok and reassembled along one of its canals. Thompson's reputation as an art connoisseur is reflected in an impressive collection of Asian art and sculpture throughout his former home and landscaped gardens. Tours are available from 9 until 4:30 every day.

The Skybar at the top of the State Tower is a eloquent yet dazzling open bar, from the 65th floor the view upon the city is breathtaking and just a few metres away is Siroccos a ritzy fine dining restaurant and jazz venue on the city's highest outdoor balcony.

Don’t listen to the hecklers about the extortion of costs associated with this “wonder f the world” I assure you the cost is fair and reasonable and quickly becomes intangible when you receive magical feeling when dining with sweeping million dollar views.Be warned a minimum dress code is expected!
It must be said that the overwhelming hospitality and constant forgiveness creates a element of adrenaline in people and the excitement is hard to suspend. Read more about the Sky bar including photos - click here

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