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Monday, June 7, 2010

AustCham Thailand's Commonwealth Sundowner in Bangkok shows business is back on track

The Pan Pacific Hotel turned on their glowing charm, providing an excellent environment for AustCham's  Sundowner which has grown to great status in social success and tonight was no exception! 
Mission: The Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Thailand) was the first Australian Chamber to be formed in theASEAN region. It was established in 1977 with the charter to promote business relations between Australia and Thailand.

The Chamber acts as a contact and information point for Australian businesses in Thailand, Australian businesses wishing to trade with or invest in Thailand and similarly for Thai enterprises interested in doing business with or in Australia.

AustCham Thailand aims to provide quality and constructive input into the formulation of policies impacting on business (both by the Thai and Australian Governments), and their administration, and to contribute to the development of relations between the two countries.

Welcome address by President Andrew

Andrew Durieux is a director of Coverage Ltd, a leading Business Consulting and IT software and services provider, and owner of Infocomm Software in Australia. Read more about Andrew here

Building links, network and business benchmarking is the name of the game

Pictured left
AustCham President Andrew Durieux
Auswathai Director Phill Smith
AustCham Executive Director Brett Gannaway
Bangkok Rocks - Social Ambassador Billy Cove

Pictured below Khun Meow

Showing the might of the British EmpireKhun Meow provided the touch of glamor and dazzle that set the flashes popping on the cameras.
Khun Meow is an excellent example of developing business skills under direction of her Western Employer. Khun Meow demonstrates enthusiasm and dedication at her new found career and has risen to Manager level at Bangkok Rocks. She may not complain of the perils of the job but and it's certainly aa challenge infusing the staff Thai Culture with Western (Farang) business disciplines and of course there are the Patrons.

Last month the world seemed to be coming to an end in her beloved city. From her Inner city apartment the view down Sukhimvit showed the horror. Buildings ablaze, black smoke billowing from what was the city's shopping Icon. Now it's about the challenge of rebuilding, presenting confidence and re assurance to International patrons, that Bangkok is once again the Dynamic and city that welcomes all.

Proud sponsors of the event

Founded in Australia in 1938, HASSELL is a private, single ownership design practice with a network of 13 design studios throughout mainland Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Each has the flexibility and autonomy to service local clients, and the advantages of access to our integrated culture, combined resources and collective experience.

As a multidisciplinary design practice, we are structured around the key disciplines of architecture, interior
design, landscape architecture and planning, with integrated sustainability and urban design capabilities.

Recognition of our sustained and diverse output is illustrated by the more than 450 design awards thatHASSELL has received from peer groups and industry bodies... read more

Pictured below we introduce Khun Arwee
Thai National Arwee Manigluck, employee of Auswathai. Arwee's has the awesome job P.A. Services to Exec tour clients from Perth West Australia. Next week she will make her maiden visit to Perth, West Australia to begin another extension of her job Description. Arwee will attend International Language school and produce a travel report to be used to Promote Study Visa WA to Thailand.

Pictured left
AustCham Director Belinda Skinner

Originally from Western Australia, Belinda Skinner is a consultant and senior member of the management team of Top Talent Asia (formerly Talent Plus and part of The Capstone Recruitment and Consulting Group).

In this company she is the Team Leader for both the Consumer?FMCG/Pharmaceutical and Human Resources sectors for executive search and recruitment. Read more about Belinda here

The Sundowner certainly has a comfortable networking culture. I was surprised AND PLEASED that so many people came forward to make acquaintance. I now have a bundle of Business cards and memory of brief chats which I will soon convert into stronger links for work and friendship.

If your an AustCham member please send me your Business Card to add to our new database - click here and we will gladly arrange a free listing in the popular Longdo Map Thailand

Photo Gallery Map AustCham Members Thailand

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