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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ladyboys - Thailand's 3rd sex

Thailand’s Third Sex

Can you spot the difference
extract from the G spot November 2014

Oops, you certainly made a mistake when you got that one back to your hotel bed………definitely not what you expected under the clothes of that gorgeous lady you picked up for a fantasy night of illicit midnight romping. It is just another night where one more western male on his dream golf holiday in Thailand has forgotten that there is a third sex inhabiting the Land of Smiles.
Having lived in Thailand for a while now, I have heard or overheard in cafes, many funny male stories of how they just didn’t know they were with a ladyboy until they got into bed together. Of course being female, and I am a Western female, I actually find it highly amusing and entertaining, much to the guy’s embarrassment. I know for a fact, many guys won’t even admit their faux pas whilst on a golfing holiday to their mates at home, as they are too mortified to revisit what they consider to be a harrowing experience. The thought of a guy coming unstuck especially at the last moment, tickles my fancy. I suppose that is a warped female’s appreciation for the finer moments in life at the cost of a male ego. It should be listed as one more hazard of playing a Thailand golf course.
Katoeys are mostly on the stunning side and sexy beautiful human beings. They are an intricate and accepted part of Thailand’s society and culture. Apart from the ones that are out for financial gain just as many western prostitutes are, katoeys are shy and private people who don’t flaunt themselves as bar girls, which is the image that most tourists have.
Walk down any street in Patong, Patpong, Pattaya or Bangkok, multitudes of flamboyant exotic creatures of the night in skimpy clothing will flock to a western male in the hope of snaring a white farang for a “short” time, or if they are lucky it will be for a “long” time. This is the “time” of utter confusion for the “straight” lusting males. Is she a he?
In Thailand, a katoey (or kathoey) is the term used to refer to an effeminate gay male or a transgender woman. Khmer in origin, the word katoey means “lady boy”. If you have an eye for detail and are not short sighted, a lady boy is actually quite easy to pick, despite the deceptive outwardly feminine appearance. That is, if you have not had a skin full of alcohol in some dark seedy bar, which quite often is the prerequisite to the “oh my god” scenario. Or maybe women are just better at spotting the difference, as females think with their brains and not another part of our anatomy, which may impair our judgment.
Walk into a Thai department store or anywhere cosmetics are sold, chances are the salesperson will be a katoey, the hairdresser, the fashionista or the waitress wearing a brilliant smile. A katoey is the consummate femme fatale. They certainly know their stuff and how to strut it. It is almost as if a lady boy is more woman than an actual woman; a mythical courtesan, paramour or muse to the male universe. Katoeys display female traits typical of every woman; they chatter amongst their friends, cry and rant, they want to be the best dressed and the most beautiful.
Just remember if the female form beside you has perfectly applied and a serious amount of makeup going on, the perkiest luscious tits, long slim legs that go on forever and is dressed in a provocative manner, chances are the person is a lady boy. Don’t think that you can pick a katoey by a deep husky voice alone, or big feet and hands. Sure there are some katoeys that stick out like a sore thumb due to their ungainly walk, in some cases caused by the block and tackle of appendage tucked up. With some it is a 50/50 chance of maybe, and then there are the lady boys that will defy the odds with their beauty, grace and mannerisms. Just make sure you wear a hat when playing golf in Thailand so that your brain doesn’t get fried.
I could say, jump in and go for it. Some men have decided that it is their partner of choice. As in golf, the shot you take is an individual one. Sexuality is a private and personal choice and at the end of the day, we are all just people in different guises.
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