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Friday, January 16, 2015

Bangkok 2 day stopover dash

Enroute to the reclusive theme of a island hideaway couple Trevor and Marina enjoyed a 2 day stopover in Bangkok.

Armed with a phone number of local host they dashed around Bangkok, see the sights, tasting the delights and slept well each night before transferring to their restful 2 week break.

video of the Bangkok dash

Their regret was not making Bangkok the stopover on the way home...  and not allowing more time for all the treasures in Bangkok.

All too often travellers attempt to make a long haul, all day,  non stop connecting flights to return home only to find they have used up all that rest battling the journey home.

The last experience is the lasting memory, so take it easy on the way home and enjoy the ride, if your returning from another zone, stop over in Bangkok for a few days, shop, rest and energised for that last leg of your flight home.

all videos / photos and media this event this link

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