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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Benjarsiri Park, an oasis in a Concrete Jungle!

The Benjasiri Park is located on Sukhumvit road next to the Emporium Shopping Center and right by the Phrom Phong BTS station in the center of Bangkok.

This is the only green spot along Sukhumvit Road providing a much-needed refuge from the traffic chaos that is Bangkok. It's where many activity take place for all ages.
report by Arwee

Built on 11.6 acres next door to the Emporium shopping complex, it commemorates the 60th birthday of Queen Sirikit on August 12, 1992.

Often referred to as the "Queen's Park" since it was built to celebrate her 60th birthday. Construction began in 1990 on land which originally housed the Bangkok Meteorological Department until its relocation to Bang Na. Built around an ornamental lake, it contains 12 pieces of contemporary sculpture by Thai artists and is often used for open air events.

Why go
Benjasiri Park, Bangkok, ThailandCapture the dynamics of the Large city... It's surrounded by concrete jungle, it's on the edge of a chaotic busy main road, yet when you enter the Park you escape into a lost treasure... it's heavenly!! The gardens are well tended and the scent of frangipani on the way in is heavy and exotic, despite the park's proximity to the traffic.

Best time to go
about 5pm... when the city is a frantic pace, many people make their way to the Park for the daily recreational activities and then at 6pm something strange happens...for about 30 seconds .. everyone stops .. u will see why when you come

Exercise / walk path around the Park - many people of shapes, sizes and fashion

Test drive your latest remote control gadget .. Kids operate their remote control cars or play on the playground

Skate board Park, "Tai Chi" can been seen everywhere as well as "Takraw" otherwise there are Basketball, Badminton and Volley Ball courts as well as a pool. (see more about Tai chi and Takraw in this article)

Picnic - the pond boasts a beautiful water feature with lights and the backdrop is distant buildings with soft lights
Many of the trees are tagged with their Thai and Latin names. There are grassy knolls with shade for lazing on, plenty of benches, a few refreshment stalls and restrooms.

A sculpture in Benjasiri Park, Bangkok, ThailandThere are many rest areas either sit on the grass and enjoy the quite surrounds or bench chairs and enjoy the changing backdrops of the city lights. Bring your favourite drinks and snacks and have a panic, the breeze is so elegant and cool across the expansive pond and as darkness sets many soft lights bring forward a gentle and romantic setting. At 10pm it's so beautiful, a cool breeze, no insects

Our Forum (CLICK HERE) includes Longdo Map link and a link about the BTS skytrain which is only 100 mtrs away from the Park.

We recently visited a Sports Bar just  few hundred mtrs from the Park - it's very suitable for Family .. see our article "The Sportsman Bar and Restaurant"

Inbound Tourism Bangkok
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