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Monday, October 12, 2009

Phuket FantaSea it's a must do

If you visit Phuket, and don’t visit the Fantasea Theme Park, there is something seriously wrong with you! Fantasea Theme Park rightly claims to be the most popular and renowned point of tourist attraction in Phuket and most definitely one of the most famous tourist spots in Thailand.

It packs the focal points of the entire Thai culture in 140 acres in the guise of much-enjoyable lights, sights and sounds, amazing performances, architecture and endless fun and entertainment and mouth-watering food.

The main event, The Fantasea Show, is an eye-popping performance by supremely talented

Phuket FantaSeaImage by bollin via Flickr

performers depicting the treasures of Thai culture and heritage, including all kinds of animals! To add to it, there is a host of special effects enabled by the latest technology. All in all, it can give Las Vegas a run for its money!

As if that’s not enough, The Palace of the Elephants, a majestic replica of a Sukhothai-era stone palace which is actually a grand 3000-seater theater marked by unbelievable architecture and amazingly life-like replicas of elephants, proceeds to thrill visitors of every age to no end.
The Carnival Village is a galore of fun for everyone, especially children as it has an unending range of games, magic tricks, and much more. Tourists can also indulge in ‘shopping till they drop’ as a tempting variety of souvenirs are out for the grabs. To show off to friends back home, you can dress as a

Phuket FantaSea DiningImage by markc09 via Flickr

traditional Thai and pose with tigers and elephants and take back photos of your achievements.

Of course, this action-packed time is bound to leave you ravenous. The hospitable Thais have taken good care to make sure your taste buds are well-treated.
Delve into scrumptious multi-cuisine dinner at the world’s biggest (4000 seater!) and amazingly dazzling restaurant - the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant. The best idea is to go for original Thai cuisine to get the taste (literally) of the local culture. Otherwise, give the food stalls a shot.
Wash it down with beverages from the open-air bar where, with your drink, you get for free a nice jig and juggle from the barman.

Overall, Fantasea Theme Park is sure to be embedded in your memory as an evening well spent.

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