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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cultural Treasure of Thailand

One destination imbued with some of the most fabulous examples of both of these qualities is

Theravada Buddhism is highly respected in Thai...Image via Wikipedia

Thailand. Boasting a variety of topographies, Thailand is home to a thrilling combination of lush, green regions, mountainous areas and bustling cities that are oozing with sights and sounds to inspire awe in even the most seasoned of travelers

Culture hunters the world around are always searching for a new exotic holiday experience that will broaden their horizons and open their eyes to new beauties. Luckily the world is a treasure trove that is always replenished with wondrous sights, from the impressive architectural efforts of man to the majesties of Mother Nature.

The tropical climate of Thailand is one of the reasons it is so popular with tourists, but it's the rich historical and cultural routes that tends to make it a favourite with spiritual travellers and those hoping to find an exotic holiday location with something special. For example, people can barely say the name of Thailand’s capital Bangkok without making reference to the many incomparable cultural experiences found there.

A ceremonial helmet from Sutton Hoo recovered ...Image via Wikipedia

A city of global note, Bangkok is teeming with fresh ideas in fashions, arts and entertainments. The variety of its cultural experiences is in part due to the heady mix of its inhabitants, with influences coming from Indian, Western and Chinese society.

However, Thailand's history is also important to its inhabitants and the delightful selection of museums and preserved ancient sites offered by the city ensures that modern visitors can find out the reasons why. From museums detailing the history of Thai medicine and the rise of Buddhism, to the stunning Bangkok butterfly museum, fabulous sights are guaranteed on exotic holidays that include Bangkok

Those that enjoy the chance to unwind and relax in serene surroundings may find that Thailand's Chiang Mai offers exactly the respite they desire. Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is surrounded by scenic mountainous terrain and lush countryside meaning it provides a far more tranquil air than bustling Bangkok. On the other hand, the city remains cosmopolitan and its many highlights ensure that travellers will have an edifying experience on their trip.

Whether it's the brilliance of the Bangkok or the charms of Chiang Mai, Thailand holidays offer superb cultural experiences for travellers looking to try something a bit different.


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