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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bangkok Friday nite Motor Bike taxi ride with 360 Spherical Video

this gif (animated) image is an extract of the 360 video but converted to "Mirror Ball" view

Our journey begins on Suk Soi 21 (Asoke Montri Rd) heading to Suk Soi 33/1 to go to Bangkok Comedy Club 
The club hosts Friday night events - low price .. raw and hilarious (if you like to laugh) the correct name is The Bangkok Comedy Club - events page
Decison time
at 7pm the traffic jam is fierce, normally we would jump aboard the ever reliable efficient fast BTS skytrain at station Asok to station Phrom Pong but tonight we're running late so let's "hale a bike" which means Adventure or Danger 

If your not a season passenger it's best to ask the driver to ChaCha (slow slow)

We captured the 1km journey on 5 mins of video, that's how long it can take on a motor bike weaving in and out of the traffic as well as rebel pathway on the footpath

some tips on how to view 360 Spherical videos

Best view
smartphone tablet for Virtual Reality effect
1. set quality: select HD  (gear icon in corner of player): how to
2. Smartphone: turn device in any direction, rotate with finger swipe or pinch zoom
If you can not rotate screen/view see help notes below

video embedded below for desktop view only
remember ...  best viewed in smartphone to rotate screen for VR effect
to watch in smartphone copy and paste link

best results are with smartphone / tablet to rotate screen on any angle
copy this link to your mobile device:

If you can not see 360 (rotate screen) 
Desktop: should work in this page
Smartphone: copy and paste (not click) the video link into your app browser or youtube app

but wait .. there's more see below
NOTE: watch in "flat mode" (non 360) to see all, how to:-  
Smartphone - click play button in widget/window above - help

The ultimate 360 view is with google cardboard for Virtual Reality

place smartphone in google cardboard and .. wow !!!!  

About the Comedy Club Bangkok - page

Get social with Bangkok: 

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