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Monday, December 19, 2016

Westin Pool Party Dec 2016 breaking Party records

can it get much better


The word has spread far and wide, Pool Parties BangK ok are ALIVE 
Hosted in 5 star hotel comfort at the junction of the BTs skytrain station

The parties kick off around 2pm with incentive prices and free drinks, bbq food on hand throughout the day along with hot DJ's.  As the evening comes on and the juices start to flow the party reaches it peak .. around 9pm the crew move onto one of the many nightlife gigs

SEE MORE, click the media link below to see

Location, Photos, Videos, Program and future events


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Westin Pool Party 17/12/2016  (monthly at 5 star Westin Grande Hotel Bangkok), all day party night music, hot DJ's happy crowd and vibe, SM hub

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