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Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's your Lucky Buddha day

Impress the Locals with your knowledge  
Buddha Images for the Seven Days of the Week
All places for worship in Thailand will have the lucky budda image of each day on display. Everyone knows their DAY of Birth ie., Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday or Saturday or Sunday 

View known Buddha pose of that day and read the inscription about what Buddha was feeling and projecting for that day, it denotes the personality of the person for that day.

Use this link to determine the Day of your Birth 

Use this link to examine the buddha image of each day 

Then when touring Thailand visit one of the local markets at a Temple or any souvenir shop and buy your pendant or image of buddha for the day that reflects your birth day

Be sure to let your Thai friend know that you know your buddha image and what it represents and they will be quite surprised and most humble by your appreciation of their culture and tradition

On page (linked above) is a link to Thai lucky colour of each day.. you will then have a Lucky buddha and a lucky colour for your amazing journey in Thailand

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