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Friday, November 14, 2014

2 day tour of Bangkok is a Treasure chest

2 day trip for Aussie Couple in Bangkok "a real eye opener"

The thought of Bangkok to many travellers is "black list" with  and seedy comments about the nightlife

Let me assure you is a misconception , it is far from reality

Bangkok is a treasure chest of culinary delights

Hospitality standards are world class and who can resist the  beautiful Thai Smiles

Trevor and Marina used Bangkok as an over night stay enroute to their holiday recluse in Kho Samui but having enjoyed the treasures with intel from local host service BPAC they were trying to change their program to return for more.

Link to Photos and video of their brief stay

BPAC: Bangkok Prsonal Assist Concierge
slogan: get the most use a host
The fee paid service means you have a local host to escort you around town and/or be avail on phone support to fastrack and ensure a seamless experience

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