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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mandurah Western Australia, A Holiday Destination For All

Mandurah ForeshoreImage by Michael_Spencer via Flickr

Mandurah is located approximately 72kms south of Perth Western Auatralia, a water wonderland visited by day trippers and holiday makers alike all year round. The towns population is approximately 60,000... its the fastest growing regional town in Western Australia!

It won Tourism Town of the year 2003 and home to activities such as surfing, swimming, crabbing, dolphin watching, boating, fishing and world-class golfing.

The town centre of Mandurah is situated around Mandjar Bay and it's foreshore is lined with wonderful parkways, barbeque facilities cafe's, restaurants and a great boardwalk, which is just one of the many other walks available. During weekends and holiday seasons the Mandurah foreshore is packed solid with visitor's enjoying the beautiful surroundings and watching the dolphins at play. At night the Foreshore lights up to produce a spectacular display of coloured lights which are reflected on the water. Its a fabulous lifestyle!

There is so much to do in and around Mandurah that even the locals don't know what they are missing. At we intend to make as much information available to visitors and locals alike so that we all get to enjoy the variety of attractions that this beautiful town has to offer. Come and see Mandurah for yourself, you'll love it! I came for a weeks holiday and relocated here 2 months later!

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