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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thailand's Longdo - and so we shall

Translation: Long=try, do=look therefore Longdo means please look or please try

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Picture of the Longdo website page featuring Founding Directors
Left ภัทระ เกียรติเสวี (Pattara) and right วุฒิชัย อัมพรอร่ามเวทย์ (Vuthichai) with Phill Smith of AusWaThai

Based on Bangkok … What they do
Software development - Online Services
Longdo.COM (Dict, Map, etc.)
Useful information, powerful search, good performance
SimpleThai mobile platform
Map Engine
Web-mapping, Map rasterizing tool
Mobile Platform
Thai language, Mapping, Networking/Bluetooth
Appliance Boxes
Storage module

How does that help relationship between Thailand and West AustraliaEasy

They have a very strong focus toward Community, internally and Internationally.

The Map, mobile phone and Language Translation software allow Internationally Communities to interact. We are very proud to be associated Longdo and MetaMedia and acknowledge the eagerness to participate in “Joint Venture” program that will Build Links between Communities. More on the “JV” in the near future.

A simple example of how Longdo are helping Aussie in Thailand, check out this illustration

here we have the Longdo map of Thailand (bangkok) and in the search engine we use the word "aussie" and a collection of Aussie venues are listed in the Directory as well as shown on the map by Location.

Simply click on one or the other.

The location includes notes and comments about the venue, a link to the venues website.

This is a Major attraction for International Travellers and tourists
If you have a Business in Thailand you can connect their maps directing into your website Language is English or Thai.

to see an example of this visit the Busines exec tour - Bangkok - Soi 19 , page down until you see the Heading "Map Soi 19". This is only 1 example, there are more, here is another example where a link to a map is shown in the webpage but the map is shown outside the webpage - example for Wilding Golf - Bangkok

We will be progressing talks with our "JV" friends about ways of making the help notes a little easier so everyone can take full advantage of this totally free service.
Why are these guys are right for job.. easy .. check out the credentials

The company started in 2005 and 2006, Longdo being the later. Current staff are 14 a brisk burst from last year when it was 7 and inspite of the current Economic climate the intray of new client names is climbing

Example of their scope of works

Apart from the wierd and wonderful electronic solutions that dazzle the brain the company makes major (SILENT) contribution to support their Community. The Thai translation and Dictionary modules provide great resource for learning English Language.
We invite, no we request, our readers to distribute news of this resource through their friendship network.

A new and innovative company developing programs and software products to suit the needs of dynamic emerging and companies

Contact details:

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