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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunset Coast English School – Welcomes Thailand

Scarborough, Perth West Australia

The West is Best for Thai Smile

Established in 2007 by Khun Neil Butler, a long time
follower and admirer of Thailand.

Neil first visited Thailand in 1997, as University student at UCL in London. He, like most people I meet, instantly fell in love with “the land of smiles”.

He, with his family have returned to THAILAND some fourteen times and regard Thailand as our second home.
Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

In 2002, he received an opportunity to help in setting up a bi-lingual programme at the Daruna Ratchaburi School, 2 hours south of Bangkok.

The project involved residing in Thailand for one and a half years (my wife is a qualified language teacher and also a swimming instructor).

Pic left: Neil Gerrard Butler
Principal Administrator

“The experience there with the local Thai population and richness of the culture made us fall in love with the nation”. “We lived with a beautiful Thai family who would teach us Thai in the evenings and I would help them with their English.

By the time we left, the mother of the family had qualified to become an English teacher for High School and Junior School levels and is still doing it now. Leaving was really hard.

In 1999 Neil and family relocated to Australia as Director of Studies at another international school and the bonus was to have many Thai students and practice my Thai after school (it’s still not good but it was great fun to practice!).

“Two years ago I decided to set up my own school with the philosophy of making all our students life-long learners of English and to create an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

We are so lucky to have amazing students who are hard-working, fun-loving and sincere. I have known most of the teachers for several years both as friends and professionals in the Industry”

Sunset Coast School has capacity for 120 students in ten classrooms.

Students are truly International representing France, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Korea, China and Switzerland.

With agents all over the world and they expect to have more than fifteen nationalities over the next few weeks.

Their General English courses offer tuition for every level of learner; from elementary to advanced students, each with a highly-qualified, dynamic teacher.

The advantages of studying at Sunset Coast International English School are many.

They are the only city school located at the world-class Scarborough Beach, so you can start the day with a swim or surf -amazing!

The School building is brand new, with modern computers and facilities.

There is also a café and a kitchen that students use for making lunch and breakfast. Tea and coffee are provided free.

The school not only offers General English classes and exam classes, they also teach IELTS both in the day and evening.

Neil believes in the Thai culture, our students are treated like family members and will never want to leave.

Study in Perth

Perth is located in the south-western corner of Western Australia. It is a friendly, clean and beautiful city situated around the Swan River and has many parks, golf courses, lakes, walks and spectacular sites to see, making Study in Perth easy.

With a population of 1.6 million, Perth is the state capital of Western Australia, Australia's largest and richest state. Stretched along the Indian Ocean coastline, the city is an outdoor-sports paradise.

Paroushak (Sanskrit: परूषक)Image by dinesh_valke via Flickr

Whether you love going to the movies, shopping, sports or sightseeing, you will love the exciting variety of activities Perth has to offer. There are many stunning beaches close to the city just waiting for you to explore, and many wineries, breweries, a cheese factory and a chocolate factory in the Swan Valley nearby.

Fremantle is a great place to visit too, with its busy port, historical sites, museums, markets, nightlife and numerous cafés. You can also experience the beauty of Rottnest Island to the west, the Pinnacles Desert to the north, and the ancient forests and winemaking regions to the south.

Sunset Coast International is in a unique location in Perth. It's minutes from Scarborough Beach, one of the best in Western Australia. Scarborough is world-famous for its beautiful soft sand and spectacular sunsets. It is less than 30 minutes from Perth city and has backpackers’ hostels, hotels, banks, markets, shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and a thriving nightlife to offer. Scarborough is a great place to make new friends while you study, learn to surf, take a dive or just relax in the crystal-clear Indian Ocean.

Update: 2010-01 We are so impressed by their enthusiam and support for Thailand we have created a promotional page on our website for the school.. visit their website within our webpage - click here

Sunset Coast International English Classes
From beginner to advanced levels, Sunset Coast International offers both part-time and full-time tuition.

We offer a range of courses including General English, PET, FCE and CAE and IELTS courses.

Our classes have an average of 12 students. We test your progress every four weeks and as you improve, you can move up a level.

Black Swan on the Swan River, Perth Western Au...Image via Wikipedia

Our IELTS program has become so popular that we now offer classes both in the day and night. If you are working in Australia and need to pass an IELTS exam, we have a choice of IELTS courses to suit your needs.

You will find Sunset Coast's excellent teachers to be friendly and caring. All our teachers are well qualified and meet the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) standard, and have had many years' teaching experience in many countries.

Sunset Coast International offers exciting activities and plenty of fun while you are studying with us. Whether you love going to the movies, shopping, playing sports or sightseeing, Perth has everything there is to offer.


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