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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Bangkok’s new green space forest skywalk


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Benjakitti Forest Park: Bangkok’s new green space is a must see

Benjakitti Forest Park, is new landmark public park of central Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand.

Benjakitti Forest Park, Bangkok’s newest and biggest public park is now welcoming tourists and locals alike.

And if you are traveling to Bangkok from Hua Hin, the park is well worth a visit.

Benjakitti Forest Park in Klong Toey district spans some 450 rai and is located on the former site of the factory belonging to the Tobacco Authority of Thailand.

The development of the park was in accordance with the wishes of His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother and is part of the government’s 30-year plan to create large city public parks.

Costing more than 650 million baht, the park’s redevelopment has been part of a joint venture between the Finance Ministry Treasury Department and the Royal Thai Army, while the Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts has overseen the design.

The plan was to enlarge Benjakitti Park in order to create the ‘lungs of the city’, which would see the park become a tourist attraction in its own right and a green space that people in Bangkok could enjoy.

Opened in 1994, the original Benjakiti Park underwent its first phase of renovations in 2016, which saw the park expanded by a further 61 rai. Phases 2 and 3, which include the latest expansion, opened quietly in 2021 with the official opening set for later this year.

Its expansion means that Benjakitti Forest Park will be the largest park in Bangkok once completed, dwarfing the famous Lumpini Park by almost 100 rai.

The park comprises a 5.8 kilometer nature trail, a 2.8 kilometer running path, and a 3.4 kilometer cycling path, which are specifically designed to promote physical activity.

Both the running and cycling paths in the park are separate tracks and also include a slow and faster lane for convenience and safety.

There is also an auditorium made from giant tracts from the original tobacco factory and which can accommodate a total of 15,000 people.

A building which was also once part of the tobacco factory will also be converted into an indoor sports centre and a museum that can accommodate up to 3,000 people.

One of the highlights of the park is the forest area where students and members of the public will be able to learn about nature and different ecosystems.

Once phase 3 is complete, the park will include a total of four ponds which can hold up to 128 million cubic meters of water.

The ponds act like giant sponges to soak up storm water during the wet season.

In addition the park is also able to double up as a water treatment plant, capable of producing up to 1,600 cubic metres of water per day.

The area around the ponds will see 7,155 new trees planted, as well as mangrove and freshwater plants, evergreens and Thai flowers, including Banyan trees, Yangna (Dipterocarpus alatus, Lumpae (Sonneratia caseolaris), Lumpoon (Sonneratia ovate), Takhian (Hopea odorata), Sadao (Neem)and Kheelek (Senna siamea).

The new trees are in addition to the 1,733 mature trees that already grow on the site, with the whole site set to become home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Plans are also in place to upgrade the 1.3 kilometer elevated walkway which connects Benjakitti and Lumphini parks.

As well as being a boon for visitors, the flowers, trees and wetlands in the park will help to remove pollutants including PM2.5 particles from the air in Bangkok.

The official opening of the park is due to be held on August 12th to mark the Royal Birthday Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother.

Benjakitti Forest Park is open daily from 5am to 9pm and is located next to the Queen Sirikit Convention Center.

Tip:- The backdrop of skyscrapers from Bangkok’s business district that can be seen from the park’s lake make for an excellent photo opportunity.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Visit Wat Arun

I would recommend spending at least an hour visiting the temple.

Although it’s known as the Temple of the Dawn,

it's absolutely stunning at sunset, particularly when lit up at night.+

roaming report from Khun North, Nutch and Anya of Bangkok about of visit to Wat Arun and visit restaurant for sunset view more in tourism directory

Given the beauty of the architecture and the fine craftsmanship,
it’s not surprising that Wat Arun is considered by many as one of the most beautiful
temples in Thailand. The prang (spire) by the Chao Phraya is one of Bangkok's
world-famous landmarks. The imposing spire rises over 70 metres high,
beautifully decorated with tiny pieces of coloured glass and Chinese porcelain
placed delicately into intricate patterns.

Head into the ordination hall and you can admire a golden Buddha image and the detailed murals that decorate the walls. Although Wat Arun is very popular for tourists, it’s also an important place of worship for Buddhists. Make sure you dress appropriately or pick up one of the cover-ups that are available for rent near the entrance.

Wat Arun was envisioned by King Taksin in 1768. It’s believed that after fighting his way

out of Ayutthaya, which was taken over by a Burmese army at the time, he arrived at

this temple just as dawn was breaking. He later had the temple renovated and renamed

it Wat Chaeng, the Temple of the Dawn. It used to be the home of the Emerald Buddha

before the capital and Palace was moved to the other side of the river. This can now

be seen at the Grand Palace.

The central prang was extended during the reign of Rama III (between 1824 and 1851)

and is now one of the most visited sites in Thailand. It was also Rama III who added the

decoration of the spires with porcelain so that they glimmer in the sunshine.

2 min video in youtube

If taking a boat across the Chao Phraya River.  There is a hotel called Sala Rattanakosin

which is well known to tourists. It might be a boutique hotel, but half of this four-story

renovated shop-house is dedicated to dining in full view of the riverside’s star attraction,

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). Pull up a seat on the outdoor terrace to feast on a menu

that goes down two routes: one, elegantly plated Thai classics and regional specialties;

the other, Western bistro food. For us though, the highlight is its rooftop bar—the perfect

place for sipping a great selection of cocktails.

Only 4 baht to take a boat across the river

Thai souvenir shop

returning on the short river crossing there are many places to eat / drink and enjoy view

of the temple, we visit Sala Rattanakosin Eatery & Bar - tourism directory

2 min video Sala Rattanakosin

tourist information 

1. Wat Arun - Famous temple of Dawn on Chao Phraya river opposite grand Palace
Wat Arun is a most popular tourist Icon on Chao Phraya river Bangkok, SM hub

2. Sala Rattanakosin    - Eat and sleep on the river opposite Wat Arun
Sala Rattanakosin is a small boutique hotel on the Chao Phraya river opposite famous Wat Arun temple of dawn, the hotel boasts a chic 4th flr rooftop open air bar restaurant for the most chill view of Wat Afrun and passing diner boats ...  SM hub

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Khun North, Nutch, Anya from Bangkok 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

City view Cafe Optus Stadium

City View Cafe 2nd floor on South West of Optus Stadium with enormous panoramic sweeping view of the Chevron Park, Amphitheatre, Burswood jetty, Swan river, seating for 300,
open daily, bookings required for stadium event days, SM hub

City View Cafe 2nd floor on South West of Optus Stadium with enormous panoramic sweeping view of the Chevron Park, Amphitheatre, Burswood jetty, Swan river, seating for 300,
open daily, bookings required for stadium event days, SM hub

Friday, April 5, 2019

Snippet The Partisan Cafe outside

360 spherical camera

best to view in smartphone

The Partisan Cafe is riverside on Claisebrook Cove 450m river inlet into East Perth, enjoy the tranquil domain or and scenic of boating community and parklands, SM hub

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New year at Craft Beer Bangkok

New years eve party 2018 at Craft Beer Garden Suk Soi 23 Bangkok over 40+ taps of beers from around the world
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